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The Wanderin Two

May 25 / May 27, 2002

Day One


Crew Members:

†††††††††††††††††††† Captain Gary Woodams

†††††††††††††††††††† First Mate Beverly Woodams

†††††††††††††††††††† Second Mate Deanna Cross

†††††††††††††††††††† Sandtini and Poco ( Chiu dogs )


0400---Left home port, it was dark, used the

†††††† ††††† spotlights to spot the buoys.


0550---Approached the Woodruff Lock and Dam at

††††††††††† Lake Seminole, radio the lock operator. We had a fifteen minute wait for the locks to fill up.


Woodruff Lock and Dam Lake Seminole


0625---Enter the lock

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††


0650---Left lock and entered the Apalachicola River


About in the center of the photo you can see the lock operator waving goodbye†††††††††††††††††


0700---Past under the Hwy 90 bridge and the Railroad bridge at mile marker 104.4



NotesóDeanna and I are frozen to the bone. She also has a sore throat to boot. The dogs seem to be ok. Gary was sad because just after we pass under the railroad tracks a train went over it.




Captain Gary Woodams


0710---We pasted a sandbar with a bunch of campers on it. A little further down there were some more campers. Everyone is getting ready for the long Memorial Day weekend.


0715---Passed under the I-10 Bridge.



0735---Stopped on a sandbar for a bathroom break and to let the dogs out to stretch their legs. This being a holiday everyone is out that can be.


††††††††††† The sandbar we stopped at and a Kite bird I was able to get a snap shot of.



0755---We came upon an area where the barges can tie up too.

But this one looks like he just didnít make it.


0800---You could tell the Apalachicola was down. We just pasted the 90.2 mm.


0805---Gary and I ate some cold biscuits. Deanna had fallen to sleep, she was so cold and her throat was hurting her.


0830---We came up on a small herd of cattle that came down to the river to drink and eat the new grass that was coming up. There were a lot of little baby calves too.


Note---It is so pretty and cold on the river early in the morning.


0835---Just north of the Hwy 20 Bridge someone is putting in a boat ramp on the east side. It looks like they are replacing the one that was washed away in one of the floods.


0840---Pasted the Blountstown boat ramp. This is where Poco came from. The piece of driftwood that I have came from a sandbar just south of the boat ramp.


1005---Stopped on a sandbar to let dogs out. We are now a little over the half way point.


1035---Just before the 50.7 mm there is a stand of Cypress trees and there are some big ones.


Note---It started to warm up some. We can take off our jackets now.

This captain got caught eating while on duty.


1100---We are at the 42.1 mm, we are going about 18.0 - 18.3 mph. We have used about 30 gals of gas.


Note---The turtles are out sunning themselves on any log they can find. This morning Deanna and I used spotlights to find the buoys (the buoys are red and green, but every once in awhile we saw yellow lights which were gator eyes.



1120---We are at the 36.6 mm, low and behold there was a large sandbar that the Corp was using to but the sand that they remove from the river.


1130--- We cam upon the Coup of Engineer tug boat the Potaka and two dredging barges.



Note--- The landscape changes around the 30.2 mm, you start to see more low land, swampy areas, and small creeks that empty into the Apalachicola. You can see different plant life too, such as ferns, elephant ear plants and wild grape vines.


1245---Gary put in the last of the 6 gals cans of gas into the 12 gal tank. We are about 12-13 miles from the bay. The wind has picked up about 5-10 knots; the sky is clouding up too.


Note--- At 1155 Gary and Deanna saw a gator. I was sleeping.


1315---We enter the part of the Apalachicola River thatís turns left to Scipio Creek Marina and right to the lake.

†† †††††††††††††††††


1400---Arrived at Bay City Lodge. We booked two nights stay, got fuel. Afterwards we headed out to the bay.


This is the Bay City Lodge and boat slip. This bulletin tells a storey about the place. At one time it used to be an Indian Village and then it became the first port saw mill. Some of the ruins are still standing.


1510---Stopped the boat and ate lunch, sandwiches, Fritos and drink, feed the dogs too. But Sandtini didnít eat too much of her food.


1520---We are following the marker to St. George Island and bridge. So far itís not too rough. Iím concerned about the gulf though. Gary is tiring to mark the way point on the GPS.


1535---We had out first taste of waves higher than two feet. They looked to be 3-4 feet high. Dogs didnít care for it.


Ok Iím ready for anything. (My little land lover)

1550---We are tiring to get to East Pass this afternoon and then out in the Gulf a little ways to see how the boat andles.

Coming back in from the East Pass it was too ruff.


1700---We went out the East Pass some what, the waves were about 4-5 feet, and everything was bouncing around. The poor dogs didnít care for it at all.Every thing got wet from the spray except the dogs. Sunday will try again.


1815---Arrive back at the Bay City Lodge and the boat slip. Tied up, got the covers on the boat, there was little fly that kept biting us. Went to the restaurant to have suppers. Gary and I had chicken strips dinner; Deanna had a BLT and fries. We came back to the boat; I went to wash up while they stayed on the boat. Deanna went to wash up and Gary and I took the dogs for a walk, came back and settled in for the night.




††††††† This is all that is left of the saw mill. The park owners have really fixed it up nicely.




This is the old gazebo on the property of the Bay City Lodge.


†††††† †††††††





This is what is left of an old paddle boat that uses to operate in the area.



††† ††††††††††††††††An old anchor.





††††† ††

Whatís left of an engine of a boat?


This is the real old time wagon wheel and by the post was a red honeysuckle plant.




Talks about being old, how old do you think this tree is? If you look between the two knots and to the right you can see part of our boat. That is where we stayed the night. The resident otter and the gator stays near the fish cleaning shed that is behind this tree.

These are just some of the flowers that were in bloom when we were there.


Deanna, Sandtini, and Poco


††††††††††††††† Some water plants by a rock wall.

Here are some Butterfly bushes,( three different colors) that were growing in the park.



Some where on the other shore line there is a gator waiting for the fishing guide boats to come in so he can get a free meal. This is in front of our boat.

Wanderin Two

May 26, 2002 / Sunday

Day Two


0600---Woke up did a few things before eating breakfast on board. All of us put away the gear.

0800---Got under way, to Scipio Creek Marinas.


On the way into Scipio Creek Marina we pasted where the shrimp boats dock when they come in, looks like one wonít be going out any more.

0830---Pulled into Scipio Creek Marina for fuel and to purchase the Sea Two insurance. That way if something (God forbid) we can get help.


Note---Weather, clear, Temperature about 60, mild chop.


0850---Left Scipio Creek headed for Alligator Point and beyond.



††††††††† We are pasting under the bridge going out to the bay.


1000---Gary put 5 gals plus 3 gals in the 12 gal tank.


1025---Went thru East pass. (Thank God for port-a-potty)


1030---Went out as far as the # 2 buoy in the Gulf and are headed east to the next buoy off Dog Island.


1100---Spotted a school of dolphins.


1145---Made it to buoy # 20, now heading to Alligator Point, The Pelican Bay Marina.


1300---Made it to the mouth of Alligator Point, the weather was turning ruff, so we headed back. We slowed down so Deanna and I could fix sandwiches for lunch.


Even Poco thought it was to ruff, so he was going to be safe and put on his life jacket. Boy! What land lover this one is.


Note---Afterwards Deanna took the wheel and piloted the boat to St. George Island Bridge.

Captain Gary

1400---Gary took over the wheel at this time. Headed in. On the way we saw five shrimp boats coming in and a 60 foot yacht from Jeffersonville, IN. What a rig.

One of the five shrimp boats we saw as we were coming in from the bay.


1600---Pulled up to Scipio to get fuel, and use the restrooms. We explored the other end of Scipio Creek. There are several shrimp boats and a new marina there.

These are some of the shrimp boats and fishing boats at the new Marina just past Scipio. There were some unusual names on the boats and some traditional ones.

1630---Left Scipio and headed for Bay City Lodge.

A tug and double barge



1700---Arrived at Bay City Lodge, ate supper, washed up, and took the dogs for a walk. Came back and settled in for the night.


1927---Sitting on the boat we saw two raccoons cross over the wooden bridge that leads to the ownerís home next to where we are docked.


Note---Earlier Gary and I saw an otter. They also have three cats, one gator and several buzzers.


This where the gator stays waiting for the fishing guide boats come in at the end of the day. The fishermen clean their days catch in the fish cleaning shed to the left of this photo.



Nice shot of a pelican that was near our boat. Got him just as he was taking off.

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† May 27, 2002

Monday / Memorial Day

Day Three


0600---We awoke, dressed, stow away the gear. We are getting pretty good at folding and storing the covers.


0703---We left Bay City Lodge, after we settled our bill and got some drinks.

†††††††††††††††† Deanna getting ready for the sunny day.


0715---Turned right to head into the main body of river and had breakfast on the way.

1040---Captain Gary said we are running off the 30 gal tank now, need to use up the fuel in it. I fell asleep after we had breakfast and awoke about 1000.


1130---Stop at mm 65 on a sandbar to have lunch and let dogs out. Our choice of music for lunch was ďVeggie TalesĒ


1215---Got under way again.


1300---Gary was checking the engine and found the nut on our steering unit was off. He tighten it up, seems to be no damage done. Maybe all the ruff water we went in yesterday made it come lose.


1300---Came to Blountstown Boat Ramp. Looks busy on this Memorial Day. The river looks like itís down more than a few days ago, about two feet.


1315---We pasted under the Hwy 20 Bridge.


Note--- between the 80.2 Ė 80.5 mm there is a boat ramp.


1330--- Switched to the 12 gal gas tank. We are about 20 miles from Woodruff Lock and Dam at Lake Seminole.

1415---Passed under the I-10 Bridge. There were barges and tugs doing some work.


Note---Every one is out on every sandbar that is clear enough to stop on. At one of them there was a group of people camping, they had two flags (big ones) up, one was the American flag and the other one was a black flag with POW / WWII and some other writing on it, couldnít make it out. Captain Gary said we are about 4 or 5 miles from the dam.


1450---The wind has picked up quite a bit since noon. The weather has been beautiful with few clouds and not to hot while going.

1500---Approaching the railroad span, park and the Hwy 90 Bridge at Chattahoochee.


1510---Arrived at the dam, called the lock operator, he said we had a ten minute wait as there were eight other boats in the lock heading north also.

1520---Enter the lock with one other boat.



1555---Left the lock and headed for home. We are 24 miles from our dock.



1745---Pulled up to our dock. Unloaded some things and Gary and Deanna are bring some of the other things up in the riding lawnmower trailer.


Note---Oh! By the way we had a stow away on board. Deanna found a fiddler crab that must have boarded during the night. Guess he figured that folks were coming to the coast so he would go north, maybe to escape from being used as fish bait.


This is not the end!!